February 28, 2007

The Irony of Phone Security Google Ads

I'm playing with Google ads - mainly out of curiousity since there is little chance the entire Internet is going to coming knocking on my door. In the Google Links at the top of my main page 4 sets of ads are offered: LAN, Phone, OS, and RFID security. All of these produce ads for a cornicopia of security products and services as one would expect. The Phone security ads depart from this mix by offering services to bypass mobile handset security functions designed to lock a handset to a particular mobile carrier. These ads are targeted toward subverting phone security, rather than bolstering phone security. Interestingly a Google search for Phone Security produces the set of security products and analysis on phone security one would expect. View image (pop-up) in case the original goes away.

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February 27, 2007

Why Biometric Fingerprint Readers Are A Waste

First they were for high security applications, then for mass consumer use, but ultimately they either get passed or suffer too many false negatives. Mythbusters shows what many in the security community have known for a while.

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February 23, 2007

How to Blag an Interview

It's funny because it's true. Required reading for anyone who will ever give an analyst or press briefing.

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Yet another Boston marketing flub

No need to circle the wagons this time, but as it turned out an ice storm and a lock on the gate kept Dr. Pepper treasure hunters out of the Granary Burying Ground. Amazing that for 10k, no one jumped the fence.

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February 13, 2007

MAC vs. Vista Security

Emblematic of much of what's wrong with security and yet comic as well. MAC pokes Vista's security in the eye in this advert.

Update: This entry is getting hit pretty hard. I suggest reading Matasano Chargen's well reasoned writings on OSX security and Apple security issues in general. For Vista security, I suggest checking out Joanna Rutkowska's recent writings. Vista is still an infant from a security review perspective with everybody cooing about new features and architecture, but we won't really know what it will be when it grows up a bit. Securosis has a well reasoned weigh in on this religious war as well.

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The latest in physical security

Trying to market a gate that can stop a truck at 50 mph? Seeing is believing.

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February 08, 2007

Data Loss Archive

Data loss was a big topic of conversation at RSA this year. The number of these has been so repetitive that after a while we stop noticing... until, you see them all gathered in one place.

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February 01, 2007

Guerrilla Marketing Backfires in Boston

A marketing campaign for Turner Broadcasting's Aqua Teen Hunger Force [Wikipedia] and run by the guerrilla marketing firm Interference Inc (Website down today) backfired in a big way yesterday.

Note to marketers: Stealth is dumb if your promo looks like a bomb.

Update: The Weekly Dig has one of the best post game write-ups on this incident.

Update 2: Some company was raffling one of these off at RSA, so I had a chance to look at it up close. It didn't look like a bomb unless you think a bomb is a few D batteries with duck tape and wires. Also, these things were up for TWO WEEKS before the Boston PD hit the panic button, which doesn't say much about being vigilant. The City of Boston should take the $1 million from Turner broadcasting and run.

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