November 20, 2006

Old School IBM Hacker Ad

This IBM ad was one of the first information security ads on TV. It is almost quaint after a few years of its original use in 1999?, 2000?. I dig the speed this guy "gets in", finds what he's looking for, and then emails it to the whole company. He must know some sweet keyboard short-cuts. It's unclear if these two are insiders or outsiders, but the bit does get the point across that information is accessible, important, and moves fast. More IBM ads.

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November 13, 2006

Choicepoint Comes Clean

In a brilliant coup for Choicepoint, the company managed to get the NY Times to profile what went wrong and what they've done to fix their problems.

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November 08, 2006

Daily Show on Voting Machines

Simplify the problem with comedy. And amazingly Diebold continues to sell this stuff.

Update: Deleted Youtube link and replaced with very annoying pop-up link from the Comedy Central site.

Update2: The original - and best - piece the Daily Show did on e-voting in Sept of 2004? found on Avi Rubin's site full of excellent voting knowledge. Note to Viacom: Your search, player, and indexing of your online video content needs some serious surgery.

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