September 06, 2006

Advertising Security: Bank of America goes In-flight

On a recent United flight, I noticed Bank of America running a short 2 min? infomercial on how and why they take the security percautions that they do. BofA's sitekey is a good solution to phishing problems, but probably not something the general public understands very well. Since I was pugged into my iPod at the time I was only able to catch the last bit of the ad, but it seemed fairly clear and straight forward as well as sending people to the online resource with similar content.

Posted by Abner at 12:43 PM

September 03, 2006

Youtube Whistleblower

As if the full-disclosure debate wasn't heated enough already, along comes a Lockheed Martin engineer at the end of his chain using Youtube to air his grievances. Fascinating.

Posted by Abner at 01:42 PM