March 18, 2004

Losing All Trust In Diebold

Note to any computing device manufacturer still not paying attention:

Sooner or later someone will mess with your machine. When that happens what do you want your product to do?

a. Fail gracefully
b. Blow up a la mission impossible
c. Let college students play music

Apparently it's not bad enough that Diebold's voting machines have been dragged through the press lately. Next stop Diebold ATM machines. Should a purpose build machine really be running an general purpose operating system??

This email from Carnegie Mellon via Dave Farber's IP list:

>From: Carla Geisser <>
>Subject: For your amusement: Broken ATM
>A Diebold ATM in Baker hall just crashed, and dropped to a Windows XP
>Several intrepid students started Windows Media player, and it was playing
>a variety of music with a nice visualizer.
>So much for security...
>Movies (with audio):

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March 03, 2004

More takes on e-voting

Avi Ruben, of Diebold voting machine penetration testing fame writes about his experience as an election judge. Election officals and voters love a new technology that was not designed with a decent threat model.

In other news voting machines in several towns didn't boot up this morning.

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