January 30, 2004

Mouse clicks are sooo passe

Microsoft suggests typing in URLs instead of clicking. Granted IE is broken and will take a while to fix and Microsoft can't reccomend a competitive product, but for the rest of us - Mozilla 1.6 anyone?

Speaking of browsers and cool tools, Bloglines is my new favorite tool for consuming news and it works just dandy in Mozilla .

Update: It seems this URL redirection problem is larger than just IE. Mozilla fails too. Who will fix it first? Test your browser here.

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Virus Spamming

Worms and viruses continue to propigate faster and faster - so are the companies selling anti-virus solutions helping to sove the problem or do their products add fuel to the fire?

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January 29, 2004

No chance of computer error influencing NH voting...

The insanity around poorly tested electronic voting continues. New Hampshire, however, is way ahead of the pack, passing a bill in 1995 requiring a paper ballot. A choice quote:

"People in other states talk about the unbelievable burden of recounts," said Anthony Stevens, New Hampshire's assistant secretary of state. "They don't realize the cost of restoring legitimacy is far greater than the cost of maintaining it."

Sign this petition:

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