August 14, 2003

Why Security Products Rarely Solve The Problem

Security products are useful when they enhance an organization's control over information flows and system reliability. Products that filter or otherwise pick out malicious behavior are only useful as alarm systems if the number of false alarms (false positives in industry-speak) is small.

Wired has just run a story written by a woman who spent some time working as a baggage screener for the TSA. Her experience demonstrates the problems with scanning in the physical world. Unfortunately, scanning network traffic often produces similar amounts of false positive alerts.

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August 11, 2003

24 Hours Of Great Glen

Team Genesse Screamers successfully made it through the mudfest masquerading as a 24 hour mountain bike race this past weekend. 5.75 inches of rain fell for 22 hours of the race. We had never raced mountain bikes for an hour, never mind 24, but we plodded on managed to complete enough laps to win our division - whoo hoo! More descriptions and pictures to follow after recovery.

Professional photos of the race here and more here in the rain and mud. And finally, the captain of the Genesse Screamers, Harrison Gabel, finishing the race in style.

The offical story of the race.

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August 01, 2003

The Power Of Markets III

The FUD around killing the policy analysis market is hysterical. Does the press really think the people running the policy analysis market were going to allow bets like "will world leader X get assassinated next week?" Sheesh.

The Blog at has a great round up of all the different articles and studies done on predicting political events with futures markets. Dan Gillmor also argues for the market. A paper by Andrew Leigh, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz at Stanford looks at the market reactions to ousting Saddam.

The Foresight Exchange is another example of a market trading on future events.

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