May 09, 2003


Holy cow! I've gone public. I'm trading at 26 cents a share which is understandable since I didn't spend money on a fancy roadshow for institutional investors...

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May 08, 2003

The $2 Trillion Dollar Vulnerability

The AP is reporting that a recently discovered flaw in Microsoft's Passport could (in theory) result in a maximum of a $2.2 Trillion! dollar fine based on a settlement last year with the Federal Trade Commission.

The vulnerability looks like a pretty common web application vulnerability. The write up of the vulnerability is posted here.

Rough timing given that Bill has been trotting around the globe telling developers about how a little crypto in the hardware is going to make everything better...

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May 05, 2003

Lost Dog in Rochester, NY

Update: Nina has been found. Many thanks to all of those who helped look for her and to the kind family who took care of her when she arrived at their door.

Our beloved Nina has bolted again - this time however she is living in a city, not in the rural farm house where she grew up.

If by chance you happen to be in or around the East Ave / Park Ave area of Rochester, New York - please keep an eye out for Nina. She is very loving and great with kids. She (along with my parents) just moved into the city last month. We suspect she may be trying to head east toward Palmyra - so keep your eyes peeled along the Erie Canal.

Picture 1
Picture 2

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