January 30, 2003

The Image of Martin Luther King Jr.

I happen to be a fan of Daniel F. Sullivan, the president of St. Lawrence Univeristy. His remarks on the mental image and attitudes toward Martin Luther King Jr. in this country are worth reading.

I have been getting quite a few search hits on this entry, so if you are looking for an actual picture of Martin Luther King Jr. Go here.

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January 28, 2003

Aftermath Of A Worm

Yahoo! News - Internet Attack Rattling Assumptions

Two things stand out in this attack:

1. We now know a worm can disrupt a massive swath of systems not typically associated with the web. - ATM machines and 911 call centers took a hit this weekend.

2. The worm that wrecked havoc across the Internet this past weekend exploited a flaw that Dave Litchfield identified and Microsoft fixed last summer.

Despite Microsoft's efforts to provide a patch for this vulnerability, even security savvy IT shops like AMEX were hit. If IT shops like AMEX cannot keep up with patches, something is wrong with the system.

As a side note - one of the companies hit by the worm? Microsoft.

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It appears someone using the name UTAS + my securitystory domain name is sending XXX spam to lots of people at AOL. Downer.

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January 16, 2003


I was just checking out a few books on Amazon when I noticed, an offer to pre-order the next
Harry Potter book.
The next thing I know, Amazon is unresponsive. And I thought getting Slashdotted was tough...

Update: this appears to have been a temporary issue - possibly just between me and Amazon. Perhaps Akamai was just a little slow on the draw.

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January 15, 2003

Big Media Wins

The Big media vs. Eldred supreme court case decision has just been delivered. Big media won. Read all about it.

The text of the decisions:

Majority op by Ginsburg [pdf]
Dissent by Stevens [pdf]
Dissent by Breyer [pdf]

All links are from Lessigs blog @

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January 14, 2003

Wi-Fi Security Update

Glenn Fleishman, the author of Wi-Fi News, has just published a good synopsis and update on Wi-Fi security standards.

No posts for a while due to a snafu at my ISP. More soon.

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