July 15, 2007

iPhone Hacking & Fustrations

Additional sites to check out attempts to turn the iPhone into what users want instead of what Apple thinks users want include:

Wired iPhone hack round-up

The Hackint0sh iPhone forum

iPhone Hacks

Hackszine lists a couple of early efforts

There is also a wiki of people attempting to port Linux to the iPhone and other such projects. They don't want direct links to the site, but they aren't hard to find if you are looking that way. Their IRC: #iphone @ irc.osx86.hu (reverse engineers only, eh?)

Finally, the iPhoneDevCamp landed all sorts of press coverage, some of it interesting.

Incidentally, I wonder what the return rates are on these phones as customers find out that the iPhone isn't perfect for them.
(I already know of one return. While he's probably not the exact target market and my sample is abysmally small, email on a smart phone should be flawless)

Posted by Abner on July 15, 2007 03:34 PM

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